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photo of American Eagle
American Eagle

A powerful bird of prey, the American Eagle is well adapted for hunting.
photo of Symbols Of Peace
Symbols Of Peace

Stock Photo of an american bald eagle sitting in light snowfall, a symbol of peace.
photo of Funny Animal Picture
Funny Animal Picture

This female harp seal made getting a funny animal picture easy, with the icicles on her whiskers she kept popping her head up through the hole to check on her cute baby.
photo of Cougars

Graceful and agile animals, cougars (mountain lions)are the largest wild cat in British Columbia, Canada.
photo of Endangered Birds
Endangered Birds

Stock photo of Endangered Birds
photo of Peace Symbols
Peace Symbols

Stock photo of Peace Symbols, a proud bald eagle sitting during a winter snow storm on the beach.
photo of Cheetah Picture
Cheetah Picture

Cheetah Picture photographed on a trip in Namibia, Africa
photo of Bear Viewing
Bear Viewing

Photo of a cute bute large Grizzly bear - bear viewing pure!
photo of Eagles Birds
Eagles Birds

Funny picture of Bald Eagles birds sitting on driftwood along the beach.
photo of Spread Eagle
Spread Eagle

An graceful bald eagle with wings spread wide, swoops in close to the water to catch a fish near the surface.
photo of Vancouver Island Whale Watching
Vancouver Island Whale Watching

Photo of an Orca whale at a Vancouver Island whale watching tour in British Columbia.
photo of Polar Bears
Polar Bears

These cute polar bears were all lined up foraging along a wall in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.
photo of Arctic Wolf
Arctic Wolf

Found in the northern regions of North America and Greenland, the arctic wolf survives in the harshest regions of the world.
photo of Black Bear
Black Bear

Image of a large male Black Bear
photo of Funny Penguin Pictures
Funny Penguin Pictures

These two Funny Penguins, a mother and baby penguin, posed for some great pictures at Boulders Beach, South Africa.
photo of Cougar Animal
Cougar Animal

A beautiful but also dangerous sight, a cougar animal, also known as mountain lion. This stock photo of a cougar shows a fairly young animal.
photo of Endangered Animal List
Endangered Animal List

Stock photo of one of the mammals found on the Endangered Animal List a cute Red Panda.
photo of Snowy Owl
Snowy Owl

A male snowy owl identified by its almost pure white plumage on the ground near Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.
photo of Cute Puppys
Cute Puppys

The Harp Seal puppies on the ice floes of the Gulf of St Lawrence definitely fall into the category of cute animals.
photo of Baby Black Bear
Baby Black Bear

A cute baby black bear looks out from behind the bushes in Canada where, its mother had left it while she hunted for food.
photo of Arctic Wolves
Arctic Wolves

Specially suited to their environment, arctic wolves survive in extreme and harsh arctic regions often depending on the availability of food.
photo of Atlantic Puffins
Atlantic Puffins

Found in abundant numbers in Newfoundland Canada, Atlantic Puffins spend a lot of their time out at sea.
photo of Brown Bear
Brown Bear

Cooling off in a river in Denali National Park, this brown bear spent quite some time here bathing and just hanging out.
photo of Brown Bears
Brown Bears

Katmai National Park is a great place to see Brown Bears fishing
photo of Flying Eagle
Flying Eagle

The majestic flying eagle on a the prowl for prey.
photo of Bald Eagle Fishing
Bald Eagle Fishing

Photo of an bald eagle fishing
photo of Facts About Beavers
Facts About Beavers

photo of Great Horned Owl
Great Horned Owl

Photo of a Great Horned Owl, a bird of prey
photo of Bald Eagle Flying
Bald Eagle Flying

Bald Eagle flying above Squamish River
photo of Whale Tales
Whale Tales

photo of Cheetah

A cheetah showing teeth in Namibia.
photo of Dolphins

Photo of Pacific White Sided Dolphins off Northern Vancouver Island
photo of Grizzly Bear
Grizzly Bear

A large male Grizzly Bear playing in a Pond with a piece of wood
photo of Wild Bears
Wild Bears

Photo of wild bears showing a Grizzly Bear in Knight Inlet, British Columbia
photo of Harp Seal
Harp Seal

Stock Photo of a white Harp Seal on the coast of Labrador
photo of Humpback Whale And Iceberg
Humpback Whale And Iceberg

Large Humpback Whale tail with an iceberg in the background, photographed off the western peninsula in Newfoundland
photo of Humpback Whale Tail
Humpback Whale Tail

photo of Kayak With Orca Whale
Kayak With Orca Whale

Johnstone Strait off Vancouver Island in British Columbia is the place - Kayak with Orca Whales (Killer Whales), North Vancouver Island
photo of Leopard Pictures
Leopard Pictures

Leopard Pictures taken in Etosha National Park in Namibia, Africa
photo of Giraffa Camelopardalis
Giraffa Camelopardalis

photo of Land Iguana
Land Iguana

photo of Iguana Picture
Iguana Picture

Picture of a Land Iguana on Santa Fee Island, part of the Galapagos Islands.
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