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A selection of our cute animal pictures which are available as custom made mouse pads.

It can be difficult to find all our cute animal pictures. We did a pre selection for you of all our cute photos of animals which are available as our custom made mouse pads.

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photo of Cute Animal Pictures
Cute Animal Pictures

The endangered Red Panda poses for some cute animal pictures at the Edmonton Zoo, Alberta, Canada.
photo of Funny Animal Picture
Funny Animal Picture

This female harp seal made getting a funny animal picture easy, with the icicles on her whiskers she kept popping her head up through the hole to check on her cute baby.
photo of Bear Viewing
Bear Viewing

Photo of a cute bute large Grizzly bear - bear viewing pure!
photo of Polar Bears
Polar Bears

These cute polar bears were all lined up foraging along a wall in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.
photo of Arctic Wolf
Arctic Wolf

Found in the northern regions of North America and Greenland, the arctic wolf survives in the harshest regions of the world.
photo of Priceless Pictures
Priceless Pictures

Priceless Pictures of cute pet dogs are hard to plan for
photo of Cute Dogs
Cute Dogs

Stock photos of Cute Dogs, Labrador breed
photo of Cute Puppies
Cute Puppies

A couple of cute Siberian Huskys Puppies at the Quebec Winter Carnival, Canada.
photo of Cute Animals
Cute Animals

Red Panda's are native to China and definately belong in the category of really cute animals as you can see
photo of Dolphin Photos
Dolphin Photos

A mom and baby bottlenose dolphin swimming side by side in shallow waters of the Red Sea off the coast of Israel.
photo of Wild Cougars
Wild Cougars

A wonderful representative of wild cougars, this young cougar was stalking its prey on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.
photo of Puffin

The Atlantic Puffin is a small seabird which is the only puffin species found on the Atlantic Coast such as this one in Newfoundland, Canada.
photo of Cute Babys
Cute Babys

A herd of cute harp seal babys were no more than three to four days old when I visited the ice floes on the Gulf of St Lawrence.
photo of Cute Puppys
Cute Puppys

The Harp Seal puppies on the ice floes of the Gulf of St Lawrence definitely fall into the category of cute animals.
photo of Husky

A cute husky dog poses for the camera just before leaving on a sled journey with visitors in the arctic of Alaska.
photo of Coyote Puppies
Coyote Puppies

These two cute Coyote puppies where having a friendly play fight between siblings.
photo of Horse Pictures
Horse Pictures

First one horse came, then the other, they were curious about have their pictures taken.
photo of Funny Cute Dog
Funny Cute Dog

This rather funny but cute dog was patiently waiting for his master to return and was happy for some attention.
photo of Cute Husky
Cute Husky

photo of Pet Supplies
Pet Supplies

Stock Photo of a Dog with Pet Supplies
photo of Penguin Photograph
Penguin Photograph

Penguin Photograph of a King Penguin at the Biodome in Montreal
photo of Squirrel Pictures
Squirrel Pictures

A gray squirrel looking down from a tree
photo of Great Horned Owl
Great Horned Owl

Photo of a Great Horned Owl, a bird of prey
photo of Funny Animal Pictures
Funny Animal Pictures

A husky dog poses for some funny animal pictures in Alaska.
photo of Santorini CRW 6877
Santorini CRW 6877

photo of Grizzly Bear
Grizzly Bear

photo of Grizzly Bear
Grizzly Bear

A large male Grizzly Bear playing in a Pond with a piece of wood
photo of Wild Bears
Wild Bears

Photo of wild bears showing a Grizzly Bear in Knight Inlet, British Columbia
photo of Harp Seal
Harp Seal

Stock Photo of a white Harp Seal on the coast of Labrador
photo of Husky Dog
Husky Dog

Photo of a cute Husky Dog posing for a portrait shoot during a dog sleding excursion in Alaska, USA.
photo of Penguin Picture
Penguin Picture

photo of American Bison
American Bison

photo of Short Tailed Weasel
Short Tailed Weasel

A short tailed weasel is looking through a pile of firewood in Northern Alaska
photo of Grizzly Bear Photo
Grizzly Bear Photo

A cute, healthy looking grizzly bear grazes on bushes in Denali National Park of Alaska.
photo of Grizzly Cub
Grizzly Cub

A Grizzly Bear Cub is hiding behind Mom while looking at the photographer
photo of Pictures Of Bears
Pictures Of Bears

Female Grizzly Bear with Cub in Knight Inlet, British Columbia
photo of Polar Bear Images
Polar Bear Images

One of the great polar bear images (Ursus maritimus)
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